Further interactions at Botany Bay

pp. 308-10 [Botany Bay, 3-4 May 1770] PARAPHRASE – Numerous fleeting interactions took place. p.315 [Point Plomer?, 12 May 1770] Several smooks seen a little way in land. p.315 [Smoky Cape, 13 May 1770] a point or headland on which were fires that caused a great quantity of smook which occasioned me giving it the[…]

Frequent Interactions at Endeavour river

2:91-3,95-98 [11-13,17-19,22 July 1770] CONFLICT arises on 19/7/70 [2:96-7] over refusal of crew of Endeavour to share turtles they had caught – fires started, shots fired. Journal – Recording Mariner: James Cook J C Beaglehole (ed.) 1969 The Journals of Captain James Cook on his Voyage of Discovery: Volume 1, The Voyage of the Endeavour[…]

Further Interactions

2:56-60 [30 April – 4 May] PARAPHRASE – Numerous fleeting interactions took place 2:62-3 [north coast of NSW, 15 May 1770] we observed them [20 people] with glasses for near an hour… Not one was once observd (pp)63 to stop and look towards the ship … unmovd by the neighbourhood of so remarkable an object[…]

East coast of Australia to 1772

Documentary Source other than original Journal Mahroot 1845 “Report from the Select Committee on the Condition of the Aborigines: Evidence of Mahroot, alias the Boatswain” NSW Legislative Council Votes and Proceedings 1845 in K Willey 1979 When the Sky Fell Down Sydney: Collins, pp.51-2. pp.51-2 They [the Dharug] thought they [the British] was the devil[…]

North west coast of Australia 1643 to 1688

[North West Cape to Cape Londonderry] Tasman’s Voyage of 1643 Documentary Source other than original Journal Witsen, N 1705 Noord en Ooste Tartarye, Amsterdam: Francois Halma, pp.175-6. p.175 In latitude 190 35’ and longitude 1340 natives who appeared in great numbers threw stones at the people the Dutch sent ashore in 1643; these people were[…]

Tasmania 1642 to 1772

Blackman Bay and East Coast of Tasmania 1642 Tasman’s Voyage of 1642 Journal – Abel Tasman Tasman, A J 1898 Abel Janszoon Tasman’s Journal, J E Heeres (comp. and trans.), Amsterdam: Frederick Muller. p.15 [Report of Pilot-Major and Second Mate, 2 December 1642] They [shore party] had heard certain human sounds, and also sounds nearly[…]

West coast of Australia 1629 to 1699

[Cape Leeuwin to North West Cape] Central and Upper West Coast 1629 – 1697 The Voyage of the Batavia Journal – Francisco Pelsaert Recording Navigator: F Pelsaert 1629 “The Journals of Francisco Pelsaert” in H Drake-Brockman 1982 Voyage to Disaster, Sydney: Angus and Robertson, pp.107-254. pp.129-30 [240, Red Bluff area area, 14 June 1629] [Our[…]

Cape York and Torres Strait 1606 to 1643

RELATING TO: The Voyage of the Duyfken – Willem Janszoon (Master) and Jan Lodewijkszoon van Rosingeyn (Supercargo) , West Cape York, Queensland, 1606. Documentary Sources other than original Journals Recording Navigator: J Carstenszoon 1623, taken from: “Summary abstract of the Journal of the … voyage of discovery … with the yachts Pera and Aernem” in[…]