The Freycinet map was published in Paris in 1811, and was the first map to be published which showed the full outline of Australia as such, preceding Matthew Flinders’ map ‘Terra Australis or Australia’ by three years. The Freycinet map was the product of centuries of the charting of Australia’s coasts by Dutch, English and French[…]

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Emeritus Professor Margaret Sankey Professor Margaret Sankey’s research career in French Studies has been devoted to the study of the history of ideas and mentalités in France, with particular reference to the early modern period and the scientific revolution. She has published extensively in key areas of interest: Cyrano de Bergerac’s novels and the transmission of[…]


Opening Remarks – The Freycinet Map Symposium, 19 June 2011

Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie AO RANR Today’s symposium to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of the first map of Australia has been arranged through the good offices of the French Embassy here in Canberra, the National Library of Australia and the Australia on the Map Division of the Australasian Hydrographic Society. We are[…]


The Cartography of the Baudin Expedition: Louis Freycinet’s Map of New Holland

By: Margaret Sankey   The initiative of Rupert Gerritsen, Chairman of the Australia on the Map division of the Australasian Hydrographic Society, in organising this symposium to celebrate the bicentenary of the publication of Louis Freycinet’s 1811 map of New Holland underscores the too often unrecognized contribution made by the French to the early exploration of[…]


Cartography as Narrative: the Maps of the Baudin Expedition

Jean Fornasiero and John West-Sooby   Every picture tells a story, and this is no less true of maps and charts than it is of other types of images. As pictorial representations, maps and charts are in fact particularly strong sources of narrative since their common functions include reproducing the itinerary of a journey or illustrating[…]


Baudin’s naturalists in Australia: Early scientific surveys of the fauna, flora and geology of the country’s coastal regions, 1801-1803.

olf Mayer Introduction The second half of the eighteens century and the early decades of the nineteenth saw an heightened interest by European governments, particularly those of France and Great Britain, in the wider Pacific region, including Australia. More than a dozen expeditions, commanded by outstanding navigators that included James Cook, Antoine de Bruni d’Entrecasteaux,[…]


The Baudin Expedition and the Mapping of Bass Strait

Gregory C. Eccleston Monsieur l’ambassadeur de France. Mesdames, mesdemoiselles, messieurs… Bonjour !!!!!! Si nous sommes reunis aujourd’hui dans cette salle, ce n’est pas pour célèbrer l’union de deux êtres, mais belle est bien pour célèbrer le bicentenaire de la première publication de la carte de l’Australie. Je m’appelle Greg ECCLESTON. This is a brief story[…]

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Dr Martin Woods, Curator of Maps, National Library of Australia The National Library of Australia is fortunate to have an extensive collection of printed and manuscript material, cartography, correspondence, drawings and other works produced as a result or in the course of many of the French Asia-Pacific voyages of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth[…]