British Colonization of Australia

Dutch Claims

Dutch claims to New Holland and the British colonization in 1788 November 1786 saw the publication of An Historical Narrative of the Discovery of New Holland and New South Wales, which sought to explain the reasons for the British Government’s decision to establish a settlement at Botany Bay. Although the book was published anonymously, the[…]


Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre Purry’s proposal to colonize the Land of Nuyts.   As a servant of the Dutch East India Company in Batavia in 1717, Jean Pierre Purry had proposed the settlement of Nuyts Land, the present South and South West Australia. He considered Leeuwin and Edels Lands to be islands, and included them among the[…]

1421 and all that junk

Introduction Gavin Menzies is the author of a very successful book, entitled 1421: The year China discovered the world, published first in 2002. There have been subsequent editions in paperback. Many members of the community of scholars who specialize in the history of cartography have criticized this text severely. This lecture reviews some of the[…]