Finding Dirk in Canberra

When you are Canberra, don’t miss the opportunity to take the Early Explorers Walking Tour in the Inner South area of the city (Griffith and Red Hill). Take a good look at the street names – which early explorers do you recognise?  The Early Explorers Walking Tour was an initiative by local residents and Australia[…]


Duyfken is in Cairns

The Duyfken Replica Foundation has secured a three year contract for the Australian replica of the historic vessel to be moored at the tourist town of Cairns, Queensland. It may enable the DRF to raise some funds for the maintenance of the ship from tourists inspecting the ship. A program of day sailing is being considered also, whilst the 16th century Dutch yacht replica can also be hired for parties, receptions etc on board.

“When on holidays in Northern Queensland there is now a great opportunity to visit the first ship”, the DRF’s Manager Mr Cian Pereira, said. “Interesting enough we sailed into Cairns in 2006 to help commemorate the 400 year anniversary of the original Duyfken coming to Australia as the first European ship to do so, hardly anybody came to welcome the ship. Steve Irwin had just died and the town was in mourning and preparing for his funeral that day”, Mr Pereira said. “The local Mayor came out quickly on his own to welcome the ship. Now we have another “three way contract” with his Council and the Queensland Government to stay here for three years. The 2006 voyage of the Duyfken visiting 23 Australian ports was also a three way contract, then between Australia on the Map 1606-2006, the Federal Department of Environment and Heritage and the DFR”.


New AHS region makes history

As the organisation formed to promote the 400 year anniversary of mapping Australia—Australia on the Map 1606-2006—winds up, a new AHS region  has been formed to promote the history of mapping and hydrography.

A  well-attended meeting of AHS members (many of whom are new AHS members who had recently served on the former Australia on the Map 1606-2006 committee), voted unanimously to form a region to be known as theAustralia on the Map Division of the Australasian Hydrographic Society.

The meeting also elected Rupert Gerritsen as Chair of the Australia on the Map Division (AMD) and Peter Reynders as the Secretary–Treasurer.

“Like its ‘1606-2006’ predecessor,” Rupert Gerritsen explained. “The AHS’s Australia on the Map Division  will be outward looking and inclusive. We’d like as many AHS members to be involved as possible.

“While initially we’ll be meeting monthly in Canberra, that shouldn’t put anyone off. Our experience with 1606-2006 shows that, with email and Internet, distance is no barrier to participation and organisation.”

Judging by the lively discussion at the inaugural  meeting — and the range of backgrounds and interests its membership already has—we can expect AMD to soon be fostering many activities and individual projects ranging from serious historical research to events popularising the understanding of early maritime history.

To get involved in AMD or for more information contact Peter Reynders on (02) 62820064 or via email here