Finding Dirk in Canberra

When you are Canberra, don’t miss the opportunity to take the Early Explorers Walking Tour in the Inner South area of the city (Griffith and Red Hill). Take a good look at the street names – which early explorers do you recognise? 

The Early Explorers Walking Tour was an initiative by local residents and Australia On The Map, created for the 400th anniversary of the landing of Willem Janszoon and his Duyfken vessel on the north coast of Australia; the earliest recording of European contact between Australia and Australia’s indigenous population in 1606. The project was made possible through generous support of the ACT Heritage Grants Program.

The walking tour, including a map and a detailed description of the route, is available for download on the Dirk Junior webpage.

The route of the Early Explorers Walking Tour in Canberra is shown in above map.