Further Interactions

2:56-60 [30 April – 4 May]
PARAPHRASE – Numerous fleeting interactions took place

2:62-3 [north coast of NSW, 15 May 1770]
we observed them [20 people] with glasses for near an hour… Not one was once observd (pp)63 to stop and look towards the ship … unmovd by the neighbourhood of so remarkable an object as a ship must necessarily be to people who have never seen one

2:67 [Bustard Bay, south Queensland, 23 May 1770]
Those who stayd on board the ship saw about 20 natives who came down abreast of the ship and stood upon the beach for some time looking at her, after which they went into the woods; we on shore saw none. >>

<< Many large fires were made at a distance from us where probably the people were. One small one was in our neighbourhood, to this we went: it was burning when we came to it, but the people were gone;

2:76 [Palm Island, north central Queensland, 7 June 1770]
Scarce were they put off from the shore when an Indian came very near it and shouted to us very loud; … we … turnd towards the shore by way of seeing what he wanted with us, but he I suppose ran away or hid himself immediately for we could not get sight of him

2:89 [Endeavour River, north Queensland, 7 July1770]
we observd a smoak about a furlong from us: we did not doubt at all that the natives … were there so three of us went immediately towards it hoping that the smallness of our numbers would induce them not to be afraid of us; when we came to the place however they were gone, probably on having discovered us before we saw them.

2:89 [indications]
that they had very lately been there;

2:90 [8 July1770]
By 4 0’clock we arrivd at the ship where we heard that the Indians had been near them but not come to them;>>

<< Yesterday they had made a fire about a mile and a half of [sic – off?] and this morning 2 had appeared on the beach opposite to the ship

2:91 [10 July 1770]
Four Indians appeared on the opposite shore; they had with them a Canoe made of wood with an outrigger in which two of them embarked and came towards the ship but stop’d at the distance of a long Musquet shot, talking much and very loud to us. We hollowd to them and waving made them all the signs we could to come nearer; by degrees they venturd almost insensibly nearer and nearer till they were quite along side, often holding up their Lances as if to shew us that if we usd them ill they had weapons and would return our attack. Cloth, Nails, Paper etc. etc. was given to them all which they took and put into the canoe without shewing the least signs of satisfaction: at last a small fish was by accident thrown to them on which they expressd the greatest joy imaginable, and instantly putting off from the ship made signs that they would bring over their comrades, which they very soon did and all four landed near us
Tupia went toward [them]; they stood all in a row in the attitude of throwing their Lances; he made signs that they should lay them down and come forward without them; this they immediately did and sat down with him on the ground.

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