2016 Dirk Hartog visit celebrations
Information regarding events planned for 2016 to pay attention to the first European mariner to arrive in Western Australia whose findings accelerated the exploratory efforts to find and chart the legendary South Land.

Shipwrecks Galleries, Western Australian Museum
The Western Australian Museum – Shipwreck Galleries is recognised as the foremost maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere.

Australian and New Zealand Map Society (ANZMapS)
ANZMapS promotes all aspects of cartography to a wide range of potential users

Queensland Maritime Museum
The Queensland Maritime Museum operates to preserve in perpetuity the significant aspects of the rich maritime heritage of Queensland

Australian National Maritime Museum
To be dynamic and innovative in managing and exploring Australia’s maritime heritage in ways that inspire, delight and enlighten.

Maritime Museum of Tasmania
Dedicated to the preservation and presentation of Tasmania’s rich maritime heritage for all time

Museum of Tropical Queensland
The Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville researches and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of tropical Queensland.

National Library of Australia map collection
The Map Section serves as the Legal Deposit repository for all Australian mapping and has a world class collection.

The Baudin Legacy
The aim of the Baudin Legacy project is to establish the importance of the Baudin expedition in the history of early European contact with Australia and its place in French/Australian history.

South Land to New Holland
South Land to New Holland: Dutch Charting of Australia 1606 – 1756 documents early Dutch charting and exploration of Australia’s coasts.

National Archives of Australia
The National Archives promotes good government recordkeeping and encourages community awareness and use of valuable Commonwealth records in its care.

State Library of NSW – Map Collection
The Mitchell Library and Sir William Dixson Research Library hold one of the most significant collections of maps in Australia

The 1606 Duyfken Replica Foundation
The Duyfken, captained by Willem Janszoon, was the first authenticated voyage by Europeans to sight Australia.

Arrowsmith’s Australian Maps
Online access featuring summaries of the Australian maps from John Arrowsmith’s London Atlas of Universal Geography.

Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology
The Australian Society for Historical Archaeology was founded in 1970 to promote the study of historical archaeology in Australia.

Les Amis de Nicolas Baudin
L’association a été créée suite à une constatation : l’expédition Baudin aux terres australes (1800-1804) et son capitaine n’étaient pas assez connus du grand public.

VOC Historical Society
The Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (United East Indies Company) was formed in the Netherlands in 1602. This website covers many aspects of the history of the VOC in Australia.

Australasian Hydrographic Society
The Australasian Hydrographic Society provides a focus for those in the South East Asian and South West Pacific region who have an interest in hydrography and related sciences.

South Australian Maritime Museum
The SA Maritime Museum’s collection began in 1872 to preserve, explore and celebrate the human history of our oceans and rivers.

Gilt Dragon Research Group
The Gilt Dragon Research Group (GDRG) is a volunteer group of scientists seeking to digitally record any and all information related to the mysterious 17th century shipwreck – Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon) – which sunk off the coast of Western Australia in 1656.

Geoscience Australia
Geoscience Australia is Australia’s national agency for geoscience research and geospatial information.

Map Australia
This satellite map of Australia is a 107kb resource for Australian Geography teachers and your student atlas of Australia.

Australia’s Maritime World
Australia’s Maritime World – A broad exploration of Australia’s great maritime history and today’s sea, ship and shore achievements, attractions, activities and adventures.

A blog site with hundreds of links to VOC and Indonesian history in several languages.

Project Gutenberg about Australian Navigators
A treasure of e-books about our maritime contact history

Dutch and Portuguese Colonial History
Website devoted to Dutch and Portuguese colonial history and that of some other European Countries.

Australian Association for Maritime History
A site whose main aim is to promote the study, publication and general appreciation of maritime history.

Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia
The Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) established in 1952 to engender the professional development of individuals and organisations involved.

Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology
The Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) is an incorporated, non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of underwater cultural heritage, and promotion of maritime archaeology conducted in accordance with internationally accepted ethical standards. It also hosts the Australian National Shipwreck Database.

From France to Freycinet
From France To Freycinet Festival on the east coast of Tasmania.

VOC employees
A webpage of the National Archives of the Netherlands in the Hague showing a list of VOC employees on board of ships on voyages to the Cape of Good Hope and to the Indies from 1700 to 1795. It concerns names of half a million persons. Some information of earlier voyages is also included.

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